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Rise to Your Potential


Fitness & Nutrition

Delphi Fitness and Nutrition Phoenix

Regain Your Health

Regain Your Life!

What could you do with better Health?

What would you accomplish with more Energy?

How many Goals would you smash if you felt more Alive?

And So the Adventure Begins

Hey You! We're so glad your here!

Our purpose is to Empower People to remove all limitation and discover the Greatness

already with-in through Inspiration, Fitness, Nutrition, Mentorship, and Knowledge.

We strive to create a Health Conscious Community that Inspires and Creates Positive

Change through Health, Wellness, and Learning.


We continuously strive to Rise to our Potential and encourage our

Clients, Friends, and Family to do the same. 


Weather you are a Mom trying to lose that baby weight and gain more energy to be a more present parent, a young person looking for mentorship and guidance, or a top athlete looking for the missing key to break through the pack...

We are excited to learn more about YOU and be a part of your journey! ​



Delphi Fitness Personal Training

Personal Training

1 hr


Delphi Fitness Nutrition Classes

Nutrition Classes

1 hr


Delphi Fitness Coffee with a Side of Conversation

Coffee with a Side of  Conversation

1 hr



Corporate Wellness

Packages Available

Special Discounts


Speaking Engagements

Price Varies

I am stronger overall. My back feels great! I can keep up with a lot younger folks! Shawn is caring and patient, yet doesn’t give in to my whining!! He makes accommodations if I really am hurting for some reason. I really like how I feel now after working out with Shawn for over 6 months! My strength, agility, and muscle have really improved – that’s why I keep working with him – I see REAL improvements!



Meet The Team

Shawn Dunn

"I believe life is about growth and tapping into as much of our potential as we possibly can. I help my Clients achieve a balanced lifestyle that encompasses all dimensions of health and wellness. With an extensive background in coaching, I create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and



rewarding way. We develop a mindset that inspires you to tap into your full human potential. This gift serves you in all aspects of your life bringing not only purpose, but clarity in way of raising your self-worth to unimaginable heights. To me the difference lies in the passion behind loving what I do and respecting my clients enough to be the example first, by constantly striving to be better and do better. The individual relationships I form with each client is special to me and I don't take for granted the opportunity I have been blessed with to walk along side my clients in their mission towards health and happiness."


ISSA Certified Master Trainer

​Nutrigenomics Specialist

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

 Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach

Certified Developing Power & Speed in Sports

​Corrective Exercise Specialist

​Exercise Therapy Certification

​Bodybuilding Specialist

DNA Based Fitness Coach

​A.S. Cardiovascular Science

Certification of Neuroscience

CPR Certified & AED Certified


Heather Miller

“I struggled with proper Nutrition and having Body Confidence my whole life. I would starve myself

and workout for hours on end and never see my goals achieved.

Many years ago, I gained enough courage to find a Personal Trainer who genuinely cared about teaching me how to eat for my health and train to achieve goals I could have never dreamed possible.

This set me on a path to help others with finding their courage to change their own lives. Now, with 6 Degrees and Numerous Certifications; I become your Mentor and Friend in your journey to better Health. I help connect all aspects of your life to create healthy, sustainable habits that extend beyond the outward appearance. You already have everything you need inside you, I’m here only as a guild to help you learn how to bring out what you have been needing, to attain your goals and reach new levels of confidence.”


ISSA Certified Elite Trainer

Certified Personal Trainer

Certified Nutritionist Coach

Certified Sports Nutritionist Coach

Certified Corporate Wellness Coach

Certified Holistic Life Coach

Psychology Degree

Business Degree

Accounting Degree

Finance Degree

Marketing Degree

Management Degree

Certified Motorcycle Safety Rider Coach

CPR Certified & AED Certified

Image by Holly Mandarich

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Physical Training Location:

ITRAIN Fitness

103 LP Auer Rd

Johnson City, TN 37604

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