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Delphi Fitness and Nutrition Phoenix

Personal Training


Everyone Needs a Trainer, an Encourager, and Mentor.

1 hr | $75

Delphi Fitness Personal Training

Ready to take charge of your Health and regain your Life?!

With over 20 Years experience, we know how to get you to your goals. Weight Loss, Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, and Athlete Specific Training are just a few of our specialties. Face to Face or Online Training includes specific exercises that progress you closer to obtaining your individual goals. Also included is any postural correction needed to not only align the body and prevent injuries from occurring, but also to aid in the healing of any new or lingering injuries to date. Postural correction techniques symmetrically align the body to significantly accelerate results. Independent exercises, stretching, and your current level of cardio will be assigned weekly to expedite results as well as allowing you the opportunity to learn and apply the program, increasing confidence and independence when your full program has been concluded.


One On One In Person & Online Training

Semi-Private Training

Group Training

Athlete Training

Health Specific Training

Corporate Training

Let's Chat about how we can help!

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