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Delphi Fitness and Nutrition Phoenix

Nutrition Classes


Teaching you a Lifestyle of Health through Nutritional Knowledge

1 hr | $150

Delphi Fitness Nutrition Classes

Learn how to eat for your Goals!

Nutritional Classes consists of options like In Person & Online Nutrition Education,  In Person & Online Nutrition Cooking Classes, Grocery Store Tours, and Recipe & Menu Creations. All options are designed to work together and teach not only the importance of clean eating but to also show you how foods have a specific relationship with your body.


We discovered with an exceeding amount of our clients, that once they understood how foods breakdown and work in the body, confidence and compliance went through the roof. We teach the structure needed to make a plethora of colorful and tasty meals with the added bonuses of fresh simple ingredients and time saving strategies, instantly turning the kitchen into a place of enticing creativity. We also encourage independence as we give you the opportunity to find, make, and submit your own creations to be reviewed together, removing the overwhelming feelings that come from doing something new. We have found that this part of the program encourages our clients to happily build a realistic, taste-bud filled, sustainable lifestyle.



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